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vendredi 2 mars 2018

Top 10 Tips to improve your SEO ranking

Do youthink,it's so hard to be atracked by the search engine traffic because there is so much out of date information being circulated. For this way I advice people to read news traffic online, there are maney ways announced every month.

Do you think,it's so hard to be atracked by the search engines?  Any blogger is suggested t do a lot of work to improve seo ranking, keyword research is the firststep toward top seo optimisation results

Yu don’t need to be an expert Seo

As seo manager, just weekly planning and a Google seo tools,llike keyword generator from adwords keyword

 with direct notifecation to your email, and a switched Google calender, that’s all

How to improve seo traffic for your blog?

Here some new tips aboutseo optimisation to atrack more traffic

1. Use your keywords niche from Google seo tool within the title tag .So , search engine robots will know what your page is about. The title tag is located right at the top of your document within the head tags. Inserting a keyword or key phrase will greatly improve your chances of bringing targeted traffic to your site.
Make sure that the title tag contains text which a human can relate to. The text within the title tag is what shows up in a search result. Treat it like a headline.
2. Use the same keywords in the body text to link the different pages on your site. This is especially useful if your site contains many pages. The more keywords that link to a specific page the better.
3. Be sure that the text within the title tag is also within the body of the page. It is unwise to have keywords in the title tag which are not contained within the body of the page.
4Adding the exact same text for your h1 tag will tell the reader who clicks on your page from a search engine result that they have clicked on the correct link and have arrived at the page where they intended to visit. Robots like this too because now there is a relation between the title of your page and the headline.
Also, sprinkle your keywords throughout your article. The most important keywords can be bolded or colored in red. A good place to do this is once or twice in the body at the top of your article and in the sub-headings.
4. Do not use the exact same title tag on every page on your website. Search engine robots might determine that all your pages are the same if all your title tags are the same. If this happens, your pages might not get indexed.
I always use the headline of my pages as the title tag to help the robots know exactly what my page is about. A good place to insert the headline is within the h1 tag. So the headline is the same as the title tag text.
5. Do not spam the description or keyword meta tag by stuffing meaningless keywords or even spend too much time on this tag. SEO pros all agree that these tags are not as important today as they once were. I just place my headline once within the keywords and description tags.
6. Do not link to link-farms or other search engine unfriendly neighborhoods.
7. Do not use doorway pages. Doorway pages are designed for robots only, not humans. Search engines like to index human friendly pages which contain content which is relevant to the search.
8. Title tags for text links. Insert the title tag within the HTML of your text link to add weight to the link and the page where the link resides. This is like the alt tag for images.
My site contains navigation menus on the left and right of the page. The menu consists of links not images. When you hover over the link with your mouse, the title of the link appears. View the source of this page to see how to add this tag to your links.
9. Describe your images with the use of the alt tag. This will help search engines that index images to find your pages and will also help readers who use text only web browsers.
10. Submit to the search engines yourself. Do not use a submission service or submissionsoftware. Doing so could get your site penalized or even banned.
Here is the submission page for google: http://www.google.com/addurl.html
Submit only once. There is no need to submit every two weeks. There is no need to submit more than one page. Robots follow links. If your site has a nice link trail, your entire site will get indexed.
My site has a nice human friendly link trail which robots follow easily. All my pages get indexed without ever submitting more than the main index page once.
More SEO Tips
Get the facts here: http://www.google.com/webmasters/. This page will explain most of what you should focus on along with what you should forget about.
If you have been thinking about handing over the task of SEO to someone outside of yourself, you should read some warnings before you part with any money.http://www.google.com/webmasters/seo.html
The author, Hayat BOUAMAMA owns her own website which contains articles with all sorts of tips for work at home entreproneur. Here is the site: targetbusiness

vendredi 2 février 2018

7 tips to start increasing social media sharing on your pages

Social media network increase our post visibility as bloger however there some technic each blogger have to recognizetherefore whene I received Some concerning} my email about increasing sharing ways in whichtherefore i saw that's additional usefull to journal concerning it .

To make sharing easier you wish to require attention to:

- Placement summary of sharing button :

Pick a outstanding position: the additional visible the button is that the more individuals can bookmarker and share your content, which can cause additional traffic back to your website.
Keep your button close to the highest of the page: Avoid creating your readers scroll to seek out your sharing button. it's okay to own the button at the highest and bottom of the page, however users can notice it easier at the highest.
Place the button in shut proximity to the content being shared: this helps readers perceive what they're sharing
Watch out for navigation: watch out concerning putting the button too near navigation, therefore users do not act with it accidentally.

Place this a part of the code at the situation wherever you wish your button to indicate up:

width="125" height="16" border="0" alt="Share" />
-Top of the page:

It is quite common for news sites to position the share button close to the highest of the page. Here you furthermore may see a custom share button. This helps the menu integrate best with the design and feel of the remainder of the online website
when eatch journal post:

place share button when every post to bust your reader social networking 
- Sidebar:

You can golf stroke Sharing button in your net site's sidebar, however might confuse your users. What specifically are they sharing? Your sidebar? recall it is best to stay the share button near your content. One exception: bloggers usually place associate degree AddThis RSS Subscribe button in their sidebar, additionally to a sharing button at the top of every post. this permits readers to purchase the blog's feed, or use the sharing buttons to share a specific journal post.

lundi 1 janvier 2018

12 ways to promot your blog free


Every blogger need some free tools to start freelancer business, but if you are a limited budget one, you should find some admirable solution to set about esier startup
Here some links directories to promot your blog:
  1. Exchange links with other bloggers: this old tips still working very well you can learn more about on mostly blog the blogger offer many tips and trics that realy work
  2. Use sharethis

    is social media  sharing platforme  but offer many tips to optimize your post visibility
  3. Submit to
    RSS directories: toprank blog  published  the
    Blog RSS list most used and visited
  4. Submit to blog directories: find best freelancer blog  free tool to promot your business for free
  5. Submit to general directories
  6. Start another blog and link to yourself: then you can activate backling but try to link related business niche post in your new blog, in this way you avoid link block from  google
  7. Create free blog template, every body need one or good desing graphic  with downloand link .
  8. Create smart web content; your reader searsh about information and solution to make home based businessesier so you should offer  your own content
  9. Create free blog tool
  10. Participate in ezine directory
  11. Comment on blogs niche, like problogger is a falmus one, offer blogger help in many topics.
  12. WordPress Backlinks Plugin (link removed due to possible security issues)

dimanche 20 juin 2010

How To Use Article Marketing To Benefit Your Online home based Business?


Thousand sites offer marketing strategy related Online business Tips  . If you are searching for the useful way for increasing targeted traffic to your start corporation website or a freelancer blog, on smart view, looking on a way to turn your best readers into audiance. i confirm that you need some marketing strategy coach .

  •  for more illusion, we all know over time that readers  are searshing for some thing, do you own it, do you own this key, then you can transform theme to your home based store.
  •  Another way that article marketing promotes traffic, yes they offer link tips, link about free tool, link about your next gift, is through your efforts to build links to your article, which will bring search engine traffic to your Online content Tips site because of your site’s higher ranking in the search engines.
  • other information don't forget about the article marketing value. if you are pro writter, old blogger, you must publish a niche articles, often with good market reaserch can be done, in this way you will be smart pro blogger that offer content with right keywords. Article marketing is the smart tool to offer long share for your articles,.
So to remember, ideas , links and keywords

other tips , when you are sharing an ebook about your niche with quality articles you are doing smart marketing . This is true! the seconde truth that you can use it to boost your audiance, as a gift so you can generate more email and more sales. Because the investment of effort and time have already gone into the construction of your articles, it’s only sensible to get even more use out of theme.

  •  Creation of your ebook should be fairly quick to accomplish and then can be distributed through your customer or subscriber list, blog, website or email lists. Remember to offer free distributions rights to your readers also, which enable them to share your ebook with family and friends
  • email list. If you make your ebook brand-able, the readers will be able to use their own links to customize it. This is an effective viral marketing technique that can give some great results.
  • Free stuff moves quickly on the internet. Your ebook will be everywhere if it truly gives your readers valuable content. Make it plain to your readers that they are free to distribute your ebook to their subscribers, etc. Give them the keys to promote it and watch the traffic unlock.
  • One of the easiest ways to get exposure for your articles is to submit them to popular article directories. If you submit your articles to the internet directories they will have a huge audience as soon as they go live. They are built with various categories as well, which you can slip your content into. Immediately after approval, your articles will be posted on the sites for the world to find. Because the traffic to these directories is constant, you can be sure your article will be receiving hits from day one. Many curious people, publishers and webmasters all browse article directories in search of knowledge and interesting information. Should someone enjoy your content and publish it on another blog, website or newsletter, it will instantly begin to generate traffic. Along with the obvious benefits of traffic generation you’ll also be building more of those essential backlinks from the sites that publish your article
  • When you start racking up a large number of external websites that are linking back to your Online Dating Tips site, your ranking will increase because search engines use backlinks when they are ranking sites.
  • Stay up to date with the particulars of your target market so you know you are giving only the most accurate information.
  •  Craft your articles in a way that will lead your readers to your Online Dating Tips site by offering pertinent and current content.
  •  Dont hurry to flood the net with articles that are poorly written. Take time to make sure your content not only reads well but also gives away valuable information to the reader.
  • The techniques involved in article marketing are not at all complicated. Through article marketing you can establish a brand, tailor a niche for yourself, and best of all, it is free.
  • Reaching lots of people with helpful information is an excellent way to bring attention to your Online Dating Tips Business in. For more information, please investigate into Online business Tips.

vendredi 18 juin 2010

How to Earn up to 100$ per hour?


Earnings on exchange procedure from Liberty Reserve USD to Perfect Money USD.

Everyone can earn up to 1000$ every day now !!! I have processed a new system for earnings. You need to have accounts in 2 payment systems - Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money and even 10$ in your Liberty Reserve account.

The system is too simple. Here it is:

1. Firstly you need to exchange 10 USD Liberty Reserve to Perfect Money USD using exchanger
http://streamex.org/?ref=id501 on course 10 Liberty Reserve USD = 13.2 Perfect Money USD.

2. Then you need to exchange back from Perfect Money to Liberty Reserve USD using exchangers , http://www.intexchange.com/,http://superchange.ru , http://onlychange.com/ , http://demonchange.com/ on average course 13.2 Perfect Money USD = 12.2 Liberty Reserve USD. (chose exchanger with the best rate and reserve of currency )

3.Profit from one exchange action is about 2 $ !!!

4. Repeat this procedure 30 times (about 1 hour) and the clear profit will be 60$ !!!

Attention !!! The minimal amount for exchange is 10 Liberty Reserve USD . Courses may change !!!

I can earn up to 1000$ per day using this system in the worst day. I advertise this system not for free. I became the partner of this exchangers and receive 10% after your each exchange if you click on my site !!!

jeudi 17 juin 2010


Hiring an SEO Agency shouldn't be a Daunting Process.

We are the first to admit that our industry is laden with big promises, and poor delivery. In fact, what sets this SEO Agency apart, is the promises we won't make. You will not find any crazy ranking guarantees, or bloated promises on this website. Just the facts, so you can make an informed purchase decision. Finally, a transparent SEO Company that is happy to show you what is behind the green curtain. And what's more, we are here to serve you.

jeudi 21 mai 2009

PPC, Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC AdvertisingWhat is pay per click?Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a way of advertising through search engines. An advertiser pays for each click that sends a visitor to the advertiser's web page. The PPC search engine offers top positions among the sponsored search engine listings for the particular keywords or phrases you choose. The idea behind PPC bidding is such that you buy/bid on keywords that are relevant to your product or service. The highest bidder gets placed at the top of the sponsored search results, the second highest bidder gets the next listing and so on. Every time someone clicks through to your website, you pay the amount that you bid on that particular keyword.How it can increase traffic, leads, and sales?-Pre-Qualified TrafficBidding on keywords that pertain to your product or service, actually pre-qualifies the people that visit your website. You determine how much you are willing to pay/bid for each click and you only pay when someone clicks through to and visits your website. This suggests that PPC search engines can cheaply lead qualified visitors to your website.-Instant Exposure, Immediate ProfitsGenerally, it takes search engines weeks and sometimes months to put up your website. If it is difficult to get to your website via search engines or if you would like to get the fastest results from the search engines, then PPC is the most efficient and cost-effective option. Most PPC search engines will
have your website live within a couple of hours, which means that the your site traffic and sales increase immediately. -Consistent Top ListingsPPC is the classic method of getting your website at top of sponsored search results for free. All you have to do is choose keywords that are related to your website and place them within your web pages.As easy as this sounds, for an average webmaster this is usually a quite daunting and arduous task without any guarantee on the success. It takes a watchful eye and quite a bit of maintenance. PPC with Cherryone Web Design http://www.cherryoneweb.com enables you to focus on operating your core business while we manage and optimize your online advertising campaign. We have the ability to monitor and maintain your advertisements' stats 24 hours a day, to ensure its effectiveness and cost efficiency.
Tags: traffic, phrases, web pages, web page, advertiser, pay per click, search engine listings, highest bidder, profits, arduous task, ppc search engines, ppc search engine, watchful eye
This article is free for republishingSource: http://www.articlealley.com/article_11964_7.html

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