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jeudi 21 mai 2009

Keys to Succeed With Pay per Click Search Engines


14th October 2005
Author: Tomas York
Pay-for-performance and paid listings are other names for Pay per click search engines. These engines allow you to skip all the search engine optimization stuff and simply pay for visitors. They allow site owners to determine their site's ranking with a particular search engine, by bidding on keywords. Pay per click search engines are aimed at hunting for keywords associated with your website. You can earn high positions by biding on these keywords. You should decide upon the bid amount that you wish to pay to every visitor visiting your site through the search results
And the more number of times a word or phrase has been searched, the higher will be the bid. And, the higher the ranking, the higher will be the traffic and sales. However, ensure that your site is related to the keyword on which you're bidding.
Tips for a Steady Flow of Traffic to Your Website and Increased Sales:The first step is getting an idea of the conversion rate that you expect, along with the gross profit margin of your product. This will help you to estimate the value of each visitor visiting your website. And once you know that, you can easily decide upon the bid amount on each click.
Let's say, you sell fiction novels at a gross profit of $6 per book, and your conversion rate is 5%. This means that 5, out of 100 people visiting your site, actually buy a novel. So, under this situation, if 100 people clicked on your website link, you would sell five novels, making a total gross profit of $30. This implies that in order to reach a break-even point, each click should be valued at $0.30. Hence, if you bid less than $0.30 per click, you gain profit, but if you bid more, you lose.
And, you usually pay for your position in the result. If one advertiser is shelling out $0.18 for the top position and another advertiser is willing to pay $0.08, you obtain the third position for only $0.04. And, you don't always have to be first among the list of results. But, always aim for the first page, even if you're in position 15! This is because it' not necessary that the first and second listings will always get the surfers' preference. It has been observed that mostly the surfers skim the page in a hurry and are more likely to click on the first and the last listing s of the page rather than the middle ones.
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