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vendredi 18 juin 2010

How to Earn up to 100$ per hour?


Earnings on exchange procedure from Liberty Reserve USD to Perfect Money USD.

Everyone can earn up to 1000$ every day now !!! I have processed a new system for earnings. You need to have accounts in 2 payment systems - Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money and even 10$ in your Liberty Reserve account.

The system is too simple. Here it is:

1. Firstly you need to exchange 10 USD Liberty Reserve to Perfect Money USD using exchanger
http://streamex.org/?ref=id501 on course 10 Liberty Reserve USD = 13.2 Perfect Money USD.

2. Then you need to exchange back from Perfect Money to Liberty Reserve USD using exchangers , http://www.intexchange.com/,http://superchange.ru , http://onlychange.com/ , http://demonchange.com/ on average course 13.2 Perfect Money USD = 12.2 Liberty Reserve USD. (chose exchanger with the best rate and reserve of currency )

3.Profit from one exchange action is about 2 $ !!!

4. Repeat this procedure 30 times (about 1 hour) and the clear profit will be 60$ !!!

Attention !!! The minimal amount for exchange is 10 Liberty Reserve USD . Courses may change !!!

I can earn up to 1000$ per day using this system in the worst day. I advertise this system not for free. I became the partner of this exchangers and receive 10% after your each exchange if you click on my site !!!

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