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lundi 1 janvier 2018

12 ways to promot your blog free


Every blogger need some free tools to start freelancer business, but if you are a limited budget one, you should find some admirable solution to set about esier startup
Here some links directories to promot your blog:
  1. Exchange links with other bloggers: this old tips still working very well you can learn more about on mostly blog the blogger offer many tips and trics that realy work
  2. Use sharethis

    is social media  sharing platforme  but offer many tips to optimize your post visibility
  3. Submit to
    RSS directories: toprank blog  published  the
    Blog RSS list most used and visited
  4. Submit to blog directories: find best freelancer blog  free tool to promot your business for free
  5. Submit to general directories
  6. Start another blog and link to yourself: then you can activate backling but try to link related business niche post in your new blog, in this way you avoid link block from  google
  7. Create free blog template, every body need one or good desing graphic  with downloand link .
  8. Create smart web content; your reader searsh about information and solution to make home based businessesier so you should offer  your own content
  9. Create free blog tool
  10. Participate in ezine directory
  11. Comment on blogs niche, like problogger is a falmus one, offer blogger help in many topics.
  12. WordPress Backlinks Plugin (link removed due to possible security issues)

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