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Finaly ,
I got my Seo guide Finished, a fast look from past Seo element to this age optimization faces,

Makes time and Keyword game to dominate  your niche trend .

Doing some research few minutes per day can upgrade your business level.

In past years I stay focused on freelancer business ideas and opportunities, never made in mind to Publish guide on Seo tips.

What eve,  running  a blog, need knowledge on content and  structure email marketing strategy, this need a  file of data about your target audience, your location, what will work for you either others.

Who  this  guide  is for?
Hoe based freelancer and blogger , looking  for cheap and free ways. Start up freelancer with limited budget, beginner in Seo to optimize blog content without lot spending. 

My plan to make this guide work for you?

  • Keywords trend
  • Pro content structure
  • Doing a lot of analysis
  • I have lot of resources and advice for better Seo
  • Included
  • PAID course training about

See how I use social medias in backlinks collection?


No think 

I need free step by step

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